Zephy Award – Tim Zeitler


Nowy Targ Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for the groundbreaking moment when the architectural realm bows down to the unparalleled brilliance of Tim Zeitler, the undisputed champion of the “Master of Monumental Miniatures” award! In a world where size often matters, Tim Zeitler has defied architectural norms by captivating our imaginations with awe-inspiring structures on a micro-scale. From Lilliputian skyscrapers to pint-sized pyramids, Tim Zeitler has proven that grandiosity can indeed be achieved in the smallest of spaces. This visionary architect’s ability to transform minuscule materials into macro masterpieces has not only redefined the limits of design but has also left us questioning our preconceived notions of architectural magnitude. As we applaud Tim Zeitler for this extraordinary feat, we can’t help but wonder, “Who needs life-sized landmarks when you can have a pocket-sized Parthenon?” Congratulations to Tim Zeitler for winning the “Master of Monumental Miniatures” Zephy Award – where small is not just beautiful but a triumph of titanic talent!