231 Maverick Street

East Boston, MA

Architect / Zephyr Architects
Interiors / Zephyr Architects
Structural / Hayes + O'Neill

obliviously 231 Maverick Street graces the Maverick Street with an elegant and refined grey brick façade. An articulated black standing seam cap interlocks with the lower masonry-clad floors to complete the careful composition of the façade. Natural wood louvers combine with matching entry doors to instill a real warmth and sense of welcoming at the building’s two street side entrances. This 7-units building that began construction at the same time as the nearby two-unit 96 Cottage Street, and the two buildings share a carefully planned 9 space parking area located in their rear yards.  The materiality of both buildings’ brick masonry walls fits well into the urban context in Jeffries Point.