375 Maverick Street

East Boston. MA

Cereté Architect / Zephyr Architects
Structural / Hayes & O'Neill

buy Pregabalin powder The Maverick Street condos are a study in materials.  The client wished to express the volumes of each unit in a way that highlighted the various functions they contain, while carefully tuning the street presence to fit a  neighborhood that many have called home for decades.  Simple geometries are given interest with contrasting seams, each further expressed by shifting cladding orientation.  All of this was realized on a modest budget, thanks to a visionary client who asked Zephyr to explore ideas about minimal space with maximal texture.  The project is in a flood zone, so appropriate resiliency measures were incorporated from the first conceptual drawings. The project is an example of how to fit into an existing streetscape without sacrificing the unique expressions of thoughtful design architecture has always aspired to.