40-50 Warren Street

Nubian Square, Boston

http://intellivex.com/data-center-projects/inovex-data-services/ buy clomid research chemical 40-50 Warren Street is a design in three parts: urban design, landscape, and architecture.  40-50 Warren provides a new mixed-use strategy that helps unify the architectural center of one of Boston’s oldest and most proud communities.  By creating a gateway at a main access point to Nubian Square, the project takes an active role in the public realm.  Not only is the building a direct response to a needed increase in housing options meeting the city’s compact living guidelines, but it is also a coordinated effort with the community to develop a new model for the growth and sustenance of new businesses.  The building and urban design actively promote a sustainable and diverse economy focused on job opportunities.  The new public realm is comfortable, lively, and safe, and it reflects the unique physical and social character of the neighborhood.  Paramount to all this adaptation is deep housing affordability–all the units are affordable.  Finally, an innovative sustainability approach is driving a LEED Platinum engineering program.