80 Terrace Street

Mission Hill, Boston, MA

http://punchdrunksoul.com/?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments Owner & Designer / General Development
Project Architect / Zephyr Architects
Renderings / General Development
GC / Waypoint

http://inklingsandyarns.com/wp-content/plugins/sid/sidwso.php Nestled against the rail lines on the back of Mission Hill, 80 Terrace is a modern answer to the mill buildings and modern brick institutions that define this corridor. The building features a regular rhythm of angled masonry piers that create a play of shadows during the day. Perforated screen walls and projecting brick corbels link the front fa├žade to older structures along the street but give 80 a distinctly modern twist. The building is a set of 9 spacious residences and a lofty office space, bringing a new idea of luxury living into this growing arts district. As the building backs up directly to the Orange Line and commuter rail tracks, particular care was taken to ensure that the windows and exterior envelope of the building provide top-of-the-line acoustic protection.
This project was designed in conjunction with the recently graduated architects-turned-developers at Primary Development. It is an example of the collaborations and partnerships that are a strength of Zephyr Architects.