90 Cottage Street

East Boston,MA

how to order antabuse online Architect / Zephyr Architects
Structural Engineer / Hayes & O'Neal
Owner&GC / Marc Savatsky

buy ivermectin scabies online 90 Cottage Street demonstrates a scale and attitude appropriate for East Boston’s specific urban environment.  The opportunity to be unapologetically contemporary can be fully embraced here, which is unique to Eastie. Boston should emphasize the historic anchors that make it a vibrant city by resisting the urge to copy outdated construction techniques form the past.  An elegant and logical embrace of current architectural materials, types, and techniques are the tools best suited to allow past eras the space to respectfully exist within the fabric of any modern city. Contextual cues in this 7 unit condo come in the form of texture, height, and other tectonic features.  Its minimalist appearance is expressed through picture windows and stained, thermally treated wood cladding.