Abu Dhabi

Design / Jason Arndt
Architect / Heerim

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CNIA, within Abu Dhabi, is the government office in charge of protection of the critical infrastructure in the U.A.E. The concept of the design was the incorporation of three primary objectives.One, to create an innovative building that would set an example for future developments in pursuit of Abu Dhabi’s 2030 goal of being a ‘carbon neutral’ city.

The building uses multiple established techniques, including appropriate use of material and vernacular vocabulary, and an innovative design, involving buoyancy turbines located on the front of each fin. The design was also meant represent a strong image that must be associated with security. The strong repetition of elements not only established this visualization, but also enabled the ability to phase the construction while maintaining a comprehensive building over time. Lastly the building design embraces the challenges of representing the culture of the area. This was achieved through the primary means of vernacular evaluation and appropriate reuse while trying to avoid thoughtless imitation. A time tested technique of shade courtyards were incorporated to provided cool exterior spaces while allowing light to reach within the building. The arrangement and density of a concrete mashrabiya was defined by a solar study to provide optimal lighting and solar heat protection, in addition to the visual security required by the program