Parcel F1


Puerto Santander Architect / Zephyr Architects
Client / North Coast Seafood

buy Pregabalin overnight delivery F1 is a bold proposal which creates a new mixed-use development by blending retail, hi-tech laboratory and marine industrial uses in a shared facility in Boston’s Raymond L Flynn Marine Industrial park. While the merging of these programs may seem an unusual choice, Zephyr uses them in conjunction to implement the intent of the park’s Master Plan while illustrating how current development trends can drive towards an even greater future.  Enveloping the building is new public plaza designed to allow interaction between occupants, visitors, and a growing number of amenities and transit options. The architecture is derived from the vocabulary of simple industrial forms of the past but molded and augmented to speak clearly to a future course where the merging of new experimental technology and industry are evident.  An industrial place which embraces the planning principals for modern urban life. A place where the needs of human occupants are given at least as much consideration as the functional requirements of machinery and equipment. In this balancing the project creates an active destination and iconic public space which respects and leverages the history of the site while gesturing towards a Boston yet to come.