Industrial Warehouse


Contributors / Jason Arndt, George Agnew, Author McGuie, Lori Apfel

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The project is a six story industrial loft in Brooklyn, NY. The floor plan is designed to be allocated according to requirements of the company inhabiting the space. The building utilizes passive solar heating and radiant heating mechanics. The concrete walls that run alternating on the north and south side of the building, act as large trusses, allowing expansive space between vertical structural members. Conceptually, the build is suppose resemble a series of 15ft. x 210ft. blocks of concrete floating above each other. The building is designed with a enormous trombe wall, facing south. This is the primary means of heating during the winter time. However, if supplementary heating is required there exists a radiant heating system within the floors and ceiling. The air handling system utilizes the cavities between the dual slab floor system to move air within the building, storage of manifolds, primary intake ducts, electrical and plumbing. The dual floor system is registered on the side of the building as an aesthetic compliment to the utilitarian nature.