Spectacular Urban Multifamily Oasis

above-board Positioned at the corner of McKay Place and Maverick Street, 9 McKay positions itself first by presenting its corner position as a public park. This community-oriented plaza with its landscaped islands and café seating provides pedestrians with a welcome respite from Maverick Street. The forward-facing centralized greenspace is an amenity not just for the building’s residents but for the broader community. Two ground floor commercial spaces enliven the plaza, bringing more productive, mixed-uses within the heart of the neighborhood. Careful consideration given to the building’s first level enclosure provides for a more interesting human-scale pedestrian experience. This is achieved through artful brick detailing and articulation at the exterior street-facing facades.  A rhythm of balconies provide outdoor space to several of the units while fostering a connection between residents and their community. The materiality of the building’s brick masonry fits well into the urban context, mirroring and celebrating the solidity and craft of the nearby historic brick edifices in the Jeffries Point neighborhood.