290 Marginal Street

Boston, MA

Architect / Zephyr Architects

This was a study for a site in East Boston looking at two 25’x 100′ adjacent parcels for 8 condo units. Marginal Street runs along the Boston Main Channel and provides a great view over to the developing Seaport District and back to downtown Boston. The lots sit clearly at an edge condition defined by a light port/shipping/industrial character and the residential vernacular that fills much of Eastie. Like most edge conditions or points of transition, this lot introduced a great opportunity for dynamic architecture that could stand with its own character while not being defined as an oddity or icon.
The desired focus on the water and the very small side yard setbacks required an innovate solution to make desirable units that work well. The solution was to design units that go through the entire lot from back to front. This allows every unit to have their public living spaces on the edge facing the water with a large amount of light and walk out decks. It also provides enough light and viewing space to have a very nice master bedroom facing the back yard. The tertiary spaces are then arranged to use the limited light along the 5′ side yards.
To increase spatial efficiency, the design features private staircases down to a main circulation corridor on the second level before exiting out to the ground floor.