Affordable E+ Housing

Highland Park, Boston, MA

Architects / Zephyr Architects
Sustainable Consultant / Envienergy Studio
Landscape / CRJA-IBI Group
Developer / Jefrey Dubard

Our design for where can i buy stromectol ivermectin where can i buy provigil in south africa 95-123 Marcella Street connects residents to the outdoors and nature, enhances pedestrian circulation in the community, and preserves existing natural monuments.  It shows how affordable, sustainable housing that is site specific can be translated easily and with no extra expense to be site specific on totally different sites in other areas of the city.   This energy positive project delivers deep affordability and generous open space to this historic community, but in a vernacular that is thoroughly contemporary.  Its minimal aesthetic qualities are tempered by natural materials, generous glass, and gardens throughout the properties. The combined site holds twelve units of various sizes and types.  It is designed with efficiency in mind at all levels, and capitalizes on building performance and flexibility, all manifest directly in its aesthetic character